We all wear a badge…

I recently read a movie review about Gangster Squad  (haven’t seen it yet). The review indicates that in the movie the main character, Sgt. John O’Mara played by Josh Brolin , states that every man wears a badge….we just have to decide what that badge is. More importantly, what it represents. O’Mara was a hardnosed cop that took his job and the law seriously. That was his badge.


I’ll never forget the first time I got “punished” by someone wearing a badge. It was on my wedding night! Rachel and I left the reception and were heading to our hotel for our first night as newlyweds. Since I was a young, Christian virgin do you think I took it slow? No way in the world! We had an hour and a half drive, so I didn’t go too fast–but I didn’t take my time either. We were driving around the loop at the Baltimore airport, which we had to go through to get to our hotel, when he was standing there waiting. “Mr. Copper” had his gun out and was waving over extreme speedsters who were going 35mph in the 15mph loop. He dismissed the fact that it was extremely slow with no one around, and promptly wrote me my first ever ticket while “Just Married!” was plastered all over our green 93 Saab. I stayed calm and quiet, a miracle in and of itself, and took it like a man.

I lost $180 that day, but gained a great story. I had received my first ticket while driving from my wedding reception to the first night of my honeymoon. I can’t think of a better way to go! (Yes, it was worth it.)

I had on a brand new badge that day. The badge was that of a new husband. A very young man smitten with love and dedication so much that I pledged the rest of my life to a sacred, beloved creature. It’s been almost 7 years, and I still wear that badge proudly. I pray that I have the privilege of wearing it for 70 more years.

Just under 5 years ago I put on another important badge, one that I never want to take off or forget about. The badge of father. Daddy. Dad. Papa. Maybe the most important badge that I will ever wear because it carries such weight and responsibility. Yes, it carries such weight, but so much reward too.

I am very proud to have the honor of carrying this badge. Fathers, never forget that the badge of fatherhood, once gained, is something that can never go away. No matter how old you or your children get, it will always be a badge you can wear with utmost dignity.  Be courageous . Be proud. Be fathers!

Do you have a good badge story? What badge are you most proud of? Please share in the comments section.


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