What’s that in your ears?

My children are always going to have an interesting view of grandfathers. Well, of the hearing of grandfathers. My kids are going to think that all pappaws, pappys, and grandpas have hearing problems. You see, while only in their early 50’s both their grandfathers already have hearing aids.

Rachel’s dad, Dwayne, has deteriorated hearing for a very legitimate reason. It iust makes sense that if you’re a 20+ year brain cancer survivor that went through 3 brain surgeries and several rounds of chemo you might have some hearing damage! My dad on the other hand, only has himself to blame. He’s a general contractor, and spent 6+ hours one day using a jackhammer breaking apart sidewalk without any type of ear protection. At first they were afraid he would lose his hearing completely, but with the hearing aids he hears “ok”  now. (Unless you ask my mom—who will say he’s ALWAYS had bad hearing. 🙂

We’re very glad that our Pappaw and Pappy can both hear!

The lack of hearing that our fathers have experienced made me think about one of the essential functions of being an intentional father: listening. We hear our children screaming, crying, and jibber-jabbering, but do we really listen?

Familyeducation.com has an interesting article of the major benefits of listening to your children. Some of these benefits include building strong relationships, knowing what’s going on in their lives, and it shows respect to your child. (Read the entire article here.)

How else are we supposed to know what’s going on in our kids’ lives if we never take the time to ask them questions and truly listen? Maybe it was really the constant listening to their children and grandchildren that caused our dad’s eardrums to deteriorate?

Fathers and Grandfathers—may we all have the privilege of poor hearing as we grow older if that lack of hearing means that we have worn out our eardrums from listening to the many stories, problems, and joys of our children.

I hope I’m on my way to my own set of hearing aids!


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4 Thoughts on “What’s that in your ears?

  1. Pappaw on March 16, 2013 at 12:16 am said:

    Simon, I don’t read your blog because as a Pappaw I don’t know how to do,it. The good news is that Grandma can find it and read it to me. I’m enjoying the stories. You’re a good writer and it makes me smile to hear about the journey you are on as a father and how wonderful to read about our grandchildren. It brings back great memories of when your wife was our beautiful little girl. We loved that stage of life so much. That time went by so fast, so I’m glad you are writing to remember this special time of raising your children.
    Can you ever capture all the great experiences of being a father? Is it possible to bank all the great moments and memories? cherish this stage of life even when frustrated. It’s a one time experience with each child. You can never go back. The minutes, hours, days and years go by so fast. Having a child is when your heart starts walking around in another Body. If you have the privilege to grow old, there will be a time when they will leave home and your heart will go with them. This is the time to invest, help shape and mold what your children will become.
    What a great God given privilege it is to be a dad.
    It’s great to know that you are a great husband to our daughter and that you are being a great Dad to our grandchildren. We love them so much! I hope and pray that some day you will know the joy of being a grandpa. It’s a whole new level of love and joy.


    • simon.henry on March 16, 2013 at 12:26 pm said:

      Thanks for the words. It’s easy to get the blog updates, just sign up on the site to be on the email list. Then you will get emails and can just click on the link.

  2. Well, for our family’s sake, I hope you wait a LONG while before you need them. 🙂

    • simon.henry on March 16, 2013 at 12:15 pm said:

      Our dad’s function near 100% without them, so I’m ok if I ever have to get them. Unless of course that means getting brain cancer or using a jackhammer is necessary to get them! 🙂

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