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As you will recall, I have been writing about some of the fun memories that we’ve been making with our kids at bedtime such as My Prince Daddy and God Bless the Orioles.

When I first began explaining to the girls about orphans, I never realized there might be some adverse effects to it. Recently, after praying for God to bless the orphans and the orioles, the girls inform me that “if you and mommy died—we’d be orphans!” They usually say it a little too excitedly for my liking. But I realize they’re excited not because it would mean us dying, but because they’ve made the connection of what it means to be an orphan.

The first couple of times they said this I simply said, “That’s right girls. Now be quiet and go to sleep.”

But after saying that to them a few times I was finally hit with the realization that my children will never be orphans. You see, in movies and tv time and again we see people represented that are at the end of desperation and seem to have no hope or anyone to lean on. How do so many people have absolutely no family to turn to? (I often question this approach by writers and directors simply because it seems as though the general populace can’t relate to the character. But then again, we all like an underdog or rags-to-riches story.)

So after coming to this realization, the next time the girls stated how they would become “orphans”, I gently told them, “Girls, you will never be orphans. If something happens to mommy and daddy, either Pappy and Mammaw, Grandma and Pappaw, Uncle Luke and Aunt Lauren, Uncle Josh and Aunt Ericka, or Uncle Isaac and Aunt Tara will take care of you. Orphans don’t have any family that wants to take care of them, you girls have a lot of family that loves you very much and will take care of you. Wouldn’t that be nice?” They both quickly agreed and excitedly started to tell me who they’d like to live with. I won’t share the order they stated so I don’t hurt the feelings of any of our family members. 🙂  I’ll just say that they were excited about the possibility of living with their cousins.

So this post is written to thank our families for their care and the legacy they are leaving. Our children will NEVER be orphans. Rachel and I know that our children will be raised in a worthy manner and loved unconditionally should something happen to us down the road.

We all have some type of family legacy, what’s yours? Is it a legacy you want to repeat? Or do you need to break the cycle? I encourage you to think through these questions and to start living a legacy that is worth repeating!


The other day her big brother got to pick out Adriah's clothes....good boy!! :)

The other day her big brother got to pick out Adriah’s clothes….good boy!! 🙂



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6 Thoughts on “Family Support…

  1. Lets just not die for a while, k?

  2. chris henry on April 3, 2013 at 5:47 pm said:

    Such deep subjects for the bedtime!…..
    I’m not sure how I would do trying to raise girls – since I have no experience doing that, but
    I would be willing to try…..Pappy, on the other hand, would most definitely spoil them!
    Please try your best to ‘stay alive’….you don’t want to miss the excitement of the future, and
    seeing those little ones grow up!
    Mom H.

  3. Perfect outfit for opening day….Go O’s.

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