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We’ve all seen them. The dad that seems to have a laser beam connecting their eyes to their iPhone while it is somehow ever presently glued to their hand.   The dad who is pushing his child with one hand while simultaneously checking his email/facebook/twitter/whatever else someone can check on their iPhone with his other hand. What’s more dangerous–driving while texting or parenting while texting?

iPhones, smartphones in general, (but especially iPhones:) are great inventions and advancements in technology.   They have enabled us to work whenever we need to and have access to a universe of information within a few clicks. While this should have freed up more time for us, in some ways it has simply created one more distraction.

Here is an interesting article on the positives and negatives of doctors using iPads and iPhones: Are iPads and iPhones Distracting for Doctors? The article does end with the premise that these new technologies have so much potential to be used for good, it’s just up to the user to have the discipline to use them correctly.

What ways can Dads use iPhones correctly? That’s the question. Please share some ideas.

So the answer is yes, I have an iPhone. Yes, I sometimes get distracted by it. And yes, sometimes I even mess with it when I take my kids to the park. But my goal is to use it as a tool and to be able to put it down when I need to focus on what is truly important.

We have the world at our fingertips, but let us not forget what really matters the world to us. 




***It should be noted that this applies to iPhone moms too! But this is a blog about fatherhood, so we’ll leave the moms alone for now. 🙂

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