Live the Adventure!

Just a couple of weeks ago Rachel and I finally had the chance to watch the movie We Bought a Zoo.  A synopsis of the movie can be read here: We Bought a Zoo Synopsis
But my even quicker synopsis is this: man’s wife dies leaving behind him and 2 kids. Man buys small house/zoo in the country to try to start fresh. Man fights tooth and nail to keep zoo open. Family is brought closer and lives are changed through the ordeal. Feel good ending credits.

(I could spend an entire post on what it would mean to lose my wife and how devastating that would be, but that’s for a different time.)

I want to focus on Ben Mee, the main character portrayed by Matt Damon.  Ben is faced with some drastic decisions of how to lead his family completely alone and take care of his kids for the first time. As dads,  we are all going to be faced with difficult situations when we have to make pivotal decisions that can completely change the trajectory of our families.

After making these pivotal decisions that somehow get him owning a zoo, someone asks Ben–who had spent his career as an “adventure” journalist–why are you doing this? His response–“I’m tired of watching from the sidelines. I want to give my kids the chance to LIVE the adventure!”

Life is a great adventure. Are you living the adventure with your kids? Or are you standing on the sideline? Get out there! Get dirty and crazy. Lead your family to live a life of wonderful, unabashed adventure!


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