Unbridled Innocence

One of the facets of little children that makes being a dad so wonderful is the idea of unbridled innocence. As I sit watching my kids play at a little park (yes, I’m writing this on my iPhone :)), there’s a large rock just outside the bark playground border that they’re somehow drawn towards. I want to yell to Christian to see if he can climb on it, but then I realize yelling is probably not required. Sure enough, his very first action is to conquer the mountain of the great rock at Eller Run Park.

The world is his oyster. His playground. Some would say that this is innocence or naïveté. They want their children to be realistic and to grow up as soon as possible.

Why? Why do we have a desire for them to see the world as we do? Why this desire for them to see a dark and fallen society where pain tends to regularly outweigh happiness? Why shame them of their innocence?

As a dad, I find myself wanting to see the world more as they do. I want to see the beauty in a caterpillar slowly making its way across the sidewalk or a plane soaring high above us in a clear blue sky.

Some dads see their job as pushing reality on their children as early as possible. If I can help my children maintain their unbridled innocence as long as possible, I know I will have done my job as an intentional father.


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