Miracle Baby (Part 1)…

A year ago today I was spending time next to the hospital bed of our 6 week old baby girl. I would never wish for any father or mother to go through the strain of that experience, but I cherish the precious gift we got to keep.

She smiles so much. It's as if she already realizes how precious the gift if life is.

She smiles so much. It’s as if she already realizes how precious the gift if life is.


Over the next few days I’ll post sections of the account I wrote last year as we were going through this experience. Here’s the first section:

Hospital Baby: The Beginning

Written on Friday, August 3, 2012:

We do not know where we will be or what we will be doing 48 hours from now. As I’m writing this, 48 hours ago we had no idea that we’d be sitting in a hospital praising and thanking God that our daughter Adriah is still living. 48 hours ago we would have never imagined that hearing the cries of a 7 week old baby would be so beautiful.  48 hours ago we did not know that our faith would be strengthened so much by a little girl of the same name, Adriah Faith. We truly never know what mysteries the day will unfold.

For those of you who have been praying and interceding for us, we can never begin to thank you for what you’ve done. For those of you catching up on what our family has been through, here is the miracle that has been unfolding:

 Super-Short Summary Version:

After being found face down during a nap, the doctors are seeing no long-term I’ll effects from her lack of oxygen, praise the Lord! While in the hospital they also discovered her body has been harboring group b strep, which at any time could have sent Adriah into shock and killed her before we could have done anything. We are so thankful this incident allowed a discovery that potentially saved her life. So she will be in the ICU for another week getting antibiotics for the strep and rotavirus (another fun discovery). Thank God for His faithfulness and healing!

I’ll share the detailed story in a coming post….




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