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Can God Walk?


Daddy—Can God walk?

Every once and a while your children throw out questions or statements that help you realize you’re doing something right.

One of my twin daughters, Selah, asked this question on our ride home last night. My immediate reaction was, “What do you guys think?” Christian and Jadah proudly proclaimed that God walks while Selah said she didn’t think so.

As much as you can have a theological discussion with two 3 year olds and a 5 year old, we briefly discussed the fact that Jesus walked on earth and Jesus is the Son of God. “So if Jesus is God’s Son and He can walk, does that mean God can walk?” Selah quickly replied with a happy “Yes!” (Just a note: I was not at all worried about 100% theological accuracy during this learning moment.)

This past Sunday I heard a sermon about John chapter 15 which chronicles Jesus talking about being the Vine and we are the branches. In the first few verses of this chapter Jesus lays out the necessity to be connected to the Vine in order to produce fruit.

I pondered my own connectedness during the sermon, then I contemplated how I foster my children at a young age to be connected. Last night I was reminded that the daily conversations we have about God, Jesus, and the Bible are the best place to start.

Can God Walk? Does the answer really matter? What matters is having these intentional conversations with our children and allowing them to openly ask some of their simple yet profound questions.

Selah—can God walk? Yes, He’s walking beside you every day and protecting you and taking care of you. Even when you don’t realize it. He’s there. Yes, God certainly walks.

Oh dear Lord, please walk with my children every day.

Oh dear Lord, please walk with my children every day.


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