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An evening of beautiful normalcy…

There were several other people around, but we sat arm to arm as we ate our dinner. Midway through the meal I put my arm around her for support as the picnic table bench slightly swayed. She gave me a smile of appreciation and I pulled my arm back. Immediately she gently grabbed my arm and pulled it over her head and around her body. It made me feel strong.

Throughout the rest of the meal I’d momentarily move my arm just to have her grab it and put it back around her. We’d smile at each other. Laugh together. And fully enjoy each other’s company. At one point she put both hands on my shoulder, looked at me, and simply smiled and looked deeply into my eyes. Those moments could have lasted for eternity as far as I’m concerned.

Dinner came to an end and the night progressed. We didn’t really talk or spend time with each other the rest of the evening. Other people were around and we just kind of did our own thing.

It was finally time to say goodnight. After showing me somuch love and affection during dinner, I thought a kiss would be in order. I even did the gentlemanly thing and asked! She looked at me smiled and said a quick and gentle “no.” Not to be deterred, I asked one more time. This time there was no mistaking her emphatic horizontal headshake. My heart was broken.

That little Adriah has me firmly wrapped around her finger, and in many ways I love it. But she still needs to kiss her daddy goodnight!








Adriah finds mascara.

Adriah finds mascara.

Two smiling beauties.

Two smiling beauties.


In our times of tragedy and trial, I cherish the moments that I get to spend with my wife and kids and life feels normal again. I love new and unique adventures, but thank you so much dear Lord for normalcy.




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