Lessons Learned from Paul Blart…

Working on a college campus and with college students has a lot of perks. One of the amazing perks of this atmosphere is college students that yearn for a scarce resource. That resource is little kids to love and play with. The Henry household just happens to have an abundance of this resource.

We have been greatly blessed with some young ladies that have made an intentional effort to invest in our kids. Sarah and Madison are two young ladies that have become important to our family and have continually given Rachel and I the opportunity to still have important 1-on-1 time on a fairly regular basis.

This past Friday, Rachel and I had this opportunity again to go on a simple date and know that our children were well cared for. We went to dinner, had some time to talk, and chose to take in a movie.

I enjoy movies that cause me to think differently about a topic, allow me to dive into a new world, or move me emotionally in some manner. But sometimes we need movies that are a simple and fun break from reality. This past Friday, we chose such a movie in Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.


Even in the simplest of movies that are made merely for uncomplicated entertainment, we can find lessons for life and fatherhood.

In a scene where Blart is giving the keynote address to a security guard conference, he is going on about why they do what they do. He then yells out, “If your only purpose in life is to help yourself, then you have no purpose. Help someone today!”

How much of what I do is really about helping myself? How much is focused on helping others? Am I desiring to help my kids learn and develop so they can become all that God has created them to be? Or do I simply want to appease them so I can do what I want to do? Better yet, am I being the example to my kids of someone who selflessly helps others?

Thanks Paul Blart for reminding me that we’re here to love and serve others as ourselves. And thank you amazing babysitters, for allowing Rachel and I to have time alone to learn lessons from frivolous movies.




A twin montage!



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One Thought on “Lessons Learned from Paul Blart…

  1. chris henry on May 7, 2015 at 9:42 pm said:

    Love the pictures…..those two are such beauties!
    And I agree with your post…..they are among our God-given purposes….
    but the most important is……to give Him the glory He is due!

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