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Why I am glad it was a boy…

I would have been happy to have another girl. In some ways I would have been elated. Our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th children were girls, so we were used to having them. We have a monster’s share of little girls clothes already and all of the hair clips, dolls, and princess dresses that accompany the world of little human females. I would have been very happy having another little lady in our home.

Mason is happy ALL the time!

Mason is happy ALL the time!

But we did not have another little girl. On October 18, 2015 we received the amazing gift of another little boy to our brood of creative little rugrats, and we are absolutely ecstatic! We would have loved a girl, but Rachel and I have now both openly stated that we really wanted a boy. I don’t know if it was to even out the teams or because we felt a little sorry for Christian, but we are both overjoyed to have Mason Lane in our lives!

As I think through it, here are a few reasons we’re so happy he’s a boy:

  1. Adriah

Before Mason was born, Adriah was the only child that kept saying she wanted mommy to have a “baby dirl!” (That’s “baby girl” in 3 year old talk.) So when she first met him and was asked if she wanted to kiss him, her answer was a quick and simple “no.” Fastforward 6 months and she is completely in love with him and constantly wants him brought down to her level so she can touch him and kiss him. When she holds him now she just wants to keep looking at his “tiny” hands and feet. I think they make her feel more like a “big dirl.”

I am also glad we had a boy for Adriah’s sake because in some ways she is most assuredly a youngest daughter. She is a little diva and loves making people laugh and getting attention. Having a younger sister would have been too similar to this little starlet in the making. A boy provides good variation and will allow both Adriah and him to better develop into individuals. Overall, for Adriah’s sake I am really glad we had a boy.

2) Christian

Christian, in the language of Strengthsfinder (Link), is strong in command and competition. He likes to be in charge and he likes to win his way. (I’m guessing a lot of 7 year old boys are like that, but he takes it to another level.) In the short amount of time Mason has been in his life, I am starting to see and hope for a change in Christian. He is showing that he can deeply care and think about someone other than himself. He showed glimpses of this type of care for Adriah–not wanting her to get punished at all no matter the level of her wrongdoing. But when little Mason is in a state of uncontrolled cry-screaming, Christian shows his deep concern. My hope is that having a little brother will bring out the compassion and love for others that we desire to see in our oldest boy. For Christian’s sake, I am really glad we had a boy.

3) Selah and Jadah

Selah and Jadah are now 6 years old, and they love playing house and having responsibility. As Mason has grown over the last 6 months, I have seen both of them take on more older sister and caretaker responsibilities. They love being involved in taking care of their little Mason in any way that they can. I can envision them feeding him soon when he gets to eat real food and watching over him as he learns to walk. For the sake of Selah and Jada, I am really glad we had a boy.

4) Rachel

Rachel may quite literally be the best mom in the world. She is very intentional and extremely patient. To say that she has developed a deep and lasting love for Mason is most assuredly an minimization of her affection. Rachel loves her girls very much, but Mason will give her the perspective of a different type of boy with a different personality. For Rachel’s sake, I am really glad we had a boy.

5) Me

It goes without saying, but I am ecstatic to have another boy. I feel as though I make so many mistakes with Christian, so Mason is my second chance. 🙂 (Christian, if you ever read this, I’m sorry. But everyone is better at something the 2nd time around.) Although now that baseball season is starting, it is strange to think that I will go through all of these developmental stages with another boy. But at least Mason will have his brother that is 7 years older to help too! For my sake, I am really glad we had a boy.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, no matter if you have a girl, a boy, or a puppy!



****To shed some light on our lives right now….I started writing this post the day Mason was 1-month old and intended to post it then. Maybe I’ll get to write something again in less than 6 months! 🙂

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