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Dad beards….

Dad Beards….

Beards are in style right now. If you haven’t noticed that, you apparently haven’t watched any sports James_Harden_Beard Jayson_werth_beard,

movies brad-pitt-beard ryan_gosling_beard,

or walked outside recently.hipster_beard

Beards used to be for only certain groups (Amish!)Amish_beard

but now they’re more widely accepted than a grown man in skinny jeans. Conan_skinny jeans


But what about beards on dads?

I have chosen to have a “sort of” beard for almost three years now. Simon

A “sort of” beard is a beard that stays very short and gets shaved to the shortest length of the hair trimmers about every two weeks. It never becomes a true, thick beard, but there’s always a little something there. I grew this when I started teaching college students to make myself look enough their senior to be their professor. Some people can’t picture me without it. 

But as a dad with a beard I regularly run into a major problem. The problem? Beards can be “scratchy” or “itchy” in the words of my chidders. Whenever I shave my beard close with hair trimmers, it then remains scratchy for a few days before it’s to the soft stage again. I’ve never had the long beard nor kissed a man with one (I’ve never kissed a man without the beard either), but my assumption is that it’s soft and not scratchy.

In the movie Saving Mr. Banks, Travers Robert Goff, as played by Colin Farrel, is the father of P.L. Travers, the famous author of the Mary Poppins books. He is depicted as a dreamer and drunk in the movie, but he absolutely adores and dotes on his children. In a conversation with his young daughter he asks, “Do you know why daddies shave their beards?” After receiving a puzzled look, he smiles at her and says, “Daddies shave their beards so they can give their children kisses.”

Beards are in fashion, but hopefully our choice to grow them does not impede us dads from receiving our God-given right of kisses from our children!

Dad’s—may you either keep your beards shaved off or long enough not to be “scratchy” so you may never miss the immense blessing of your child’s loving kiss.


For your viewing pleasure, some of the best beards on the market:

bestbeards bestbeards2 bestbeards3

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