I am a father and a husband. A fan and a spectator in sports and life. But there’s one area where I never want to be a simple spectator: fatherhood. Being a dad is the most rewarding, challenging, and perplexing thing I have ever experienced. Through this blog I invite you as fathers, mothers, and other influencers of fledgling brains to take the journey with me. Help show the world that living fatherhood intentionally is a way to change it.


(Pic: Easter of 2016)

On a personal note:

My name is Simon Henry. I have 5¬†beautiful children: Christian (8), Selah (6), Jadah (6), and Adriah (4), and Mason (9 months). They bring frustration and smiles to my life everyday–most days these 2 experiences are separated by mere minutes.

My wife is Rachel. I have yet to meet a woman with such virtue and selflessness as her. As I attempt to live fatherhood intentionally, watching her natural aptitude for intentional motherhood both overwhelms and amazes me. I pray that I can someday be the type of parent and partner that she is to our children and me.

–God Bless!


July 13th, 2016

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